The $1 Million Invitation

Bali / April 2016

The Million $ Invitation

(On the airplane, somewhere between America & Asia. March 28th, 2016)

Everyone is playing their part in the larger,
infinitely vaster orchestra of life and consciousness play.
Whether we are conscious of our dance or begrudging it,
it does not matter to the universe at large:
the orchestration is so vast that it redirects anything
to perfect advantage and benefit for the totality of existence.
We, individual units, have the choice to make ourselves miserable
with feelings of loss and fear
OR to trust all changes and enter them excitedly:
How is universe going to handle this one?”
By taking changes as stepping stones,
we are learning how to jump-start ourselves as co-creators with universe.

I am offering $1 million to whoever can put me in done-deal touch
with the upcoming buyer of the StarWheel Collection
– priced at $25 million
for the 108 unique expressions of the StarWheel Mandalas.

This buyer, whether private, corporate, national or international
EXISTS right now
and is looking for the StarWheel Collection
to come to their attention and care.
All we need is a bridge.
This bridge can be YOU!
Just like there is no question without an answer,
no problem without a solution
and no energy without its polarity,
the SW Collection buyer exists now because the SW Collection exists.
It is that SIMPLE!

Check with your SPIRIT INTUITION and see if you are part of this global,
educational adventure of co-creating an International school
for the benefit of the young generations
landing on our mother earth planet at this time.
A Green/Rainbow School of Life Celebration…
The StarWheel Collection and associated proactive educational resources
point to an organic, cooperative, playful, harmonious to self-other-nature,
community-hearted, oneness centered and deeply supportive
eco-village environment nested in a nurturing land…

The StarWheel Collection offers multi-dimensional flowers of consciousness…
Rainbow soap bubbles rising from the quantum foam… 
They were born to lift humans into spherical fields
of unity, dance and celebration.
They are role models of our love relationship to the Source of All,
All That Is, the Cosmic Mandala Hub.
They are re-embracing us in community and humanity togetherness.

Just like the Yoga Spirit cannot be entirely fulfilled by individual practice
on a squarish yoga mat
but has to eventually spill over to the whole variegated floor mat of life,
we are called to create ecologies of education, gardens, fields,
orchards, forests & oceans
– where learning, playing, being, sustaining, birthing, smiling,
surrendering, giving & receiving are woven together.
We are about to give rise to a new humanity displaying
flowering & fruiting as epiphanies of success
and replanting ancient & future seeds of this SHIMMERING NOW.
A humanity shivering with the new pulse of our co-creative delight.

THANK YOU all Players for opening your new wings.

THANK YOU Mother Earth for guiding our stumbling steps
into the next unfolding of humanity.

THANK YOU Omnipresence of Love for pervading us through
and re-weaving us into flows of continuous running waters.

THANK YOU Mothers & Fathers
for your baby-sitting parental roles,
giving much of your life force to pass on the love code of life.

THANK YOU all Ancestors of this and other universes
for building the foundation of this collective universal Now

and being the giants basing our new global Acro-Yoga.

THANK YOU Brothers & Sisters, Children & Elders,
Animal Tree & Plant people,
star & galactic beings and all beings in all realms, micro & macro,
for embodying the grace of Love joyfully celebrating itself.