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StarWheel School of Mandala Arts and Sacred Geometry
StarWheel School of Celebratory Arts

Fund Raising Campaign for International Eco-Campus

This is the long-term "Source" Fundraising for the full project.


Visit our new project: Retreat Center in Costa Rica

This Fund Raising Campaign is sponsored by the StarWheel Foundation, a 501(C)3 global-reach, non-profit educational organization set-up by mandala artist Aya and dedicated to the creation of the StarWheel School of Mandala Arts & Sacred Geometry - a campus and eco-community offering a pluri-tradition curriculum centered on the creative experience of Yogas, Meditation, Mandalas, Sacred Geometry and Harmonic Arts & Media as Arts of the Celebration of Life.

A Fund Raising Campaign is launched to gather the resources, financial donations, investment sponsorships and endowment funds needed for:  

1. The purchase of a land suitable for 
the StarWheel School of Mandala Arts

2. The landscaping & construction
of the School of Celebratory Arts, 
educational buildings and support systems
(a circular step-pyramid school structure is envisioned)

3. The initial promotion & start-up operation 
of this Global Earth Eco-Campus


This Source Fundraising call is for the acquisition by the StarWheel Foundation, through donation and/or purchase, of a larger land property to implement the full educational campus project. This land property is envisioned as large enough to accommodate the School circular step-pyramid complex as well as in-residence lodging and many facility / support systems such as permaculture gardens... 

A friendly land with a spring/well or running waters, trees, meadows and hills... backed up by a wide open wilderness... to be the loving homebase of a new generation of cosmic earthlings...

At preesent time, the focus is shifting to a branch (and possibly main) location outside of the USA. Costa Rica, with its green politics and environment, has become the land we are reseraching for the next step of the StarWheel Foundation school project. See Retreat Costa Rica.

 The children are the future of the universe 


the StarWheel Foundation
and the Mandala School/Sacred Geometry team 
are gratefully receiving and honoring

  the generous donation or friendly sale of a land
and/or large property
 in Sedona, Arizona.


We also gratefully welcome
joyful contributions (in money, equipment or skills), 
imaginative suggestions, 
co-creative connections & alliances 

and supportive win-win deals... 


Fundraising Options:

All StarWheel Wisdom cards and Giclée prints are signed by the Artist (Aya)

• $100     Gift: 1 SW Wisdom card
• $500     Gift: 6 SW Wisdom cards
• $1,000     Gift: 1 Giclée print 11" x 11" on glossy paper
(The new SW109 StarSphere and SW100 StarWave)

• $ 5,000     Gift: 24 SW Wisdom cards + 2 Giclée 11" x 11"
• $10,000     Gift: 36 SW Wisdom cards + 4 Giclée 11" x 11"
• 25,000     Gift: The 3 SW Decks (published in Japan and out of print)
+ 36 SW cards + 4 SW Giclée 11" x 11".




All donations and funds raised
for the Mandala School project

are tax-exempt

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Another way to be involved in the StarWheel School Fund Raising
is to go to our online store and purchase StarWheel Wisdom cards,
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