Global Eco-Campus

The StarWheel School of Celebratory Arts:
visions, current projects and creative curriculum

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As many of you know, I have held the dream-intention of establishing an international eco-campus, the StarWheel School of Celebratory Arts, (also known as the Bliss Bless Blossom School ), in Sedona, Arizona, to support young people of all nations in expanding their creative consciousness and contributing to a new spirited, life-respecting human civilization on Earth. The mission of the StarWheel Foundation is to offer students a fun-loving eco-environment of direct experience based on a cooperative, co-creative curriculum of harmonic oneness with oneself, with each other, with community, with nature & with the universe.

I am calling on you, Friends & Supporters of the StarWheel Vision, as well as all philanthropists interested in educational projects... to help us support this global project. We have two fundraising programs:

• The short term
Fundraising Now! program is launched to collect a down payment sufficient to allow the purchase of a home-base in West Sedona. I have a lease-purchase option to the house I have been renting for over 7 years and turning into a small community. This property would be a perfect headquarters for the StarWheel Foundation educational projects. Time is of the essence in this 2015 Now... Blessings from Aya!
Below are pics from home-base...



The long term
Fundraising Source program is focusing on gathering donations and endowment funds for the acquisition of:
1. a large land property allowing for the implementation of a full educational eco-campus project. This land would host a mandala step-pyramid main building as well as various educational & residential facilities.
2. a retreat center location in the Nicoya peninsula of Costa Rica for educational programs taking advantage of the pura vida tropical environment: yogas, meditation, mandala arts, rain forest safaris, dolphin encounters, organic gardening, integrative life-styles, raw & vegetarian diets, massage arts, creative relaxation... the basic arts for the CELEBRATION of LIFE...



School of Celebratory Arts - Creative Curriculum
Sedona headquarters & Costa Rica ("Purna Vida") campus

  Acro Yoga / Therapeutic

  Acro Yoga / Acrobatic


  Aerial Loop

  Aerial Silks



  Belly Dancing

  Body Painting & Costuming

  Brain Relaxation Yoga

  Calligraphy / Oriental

  Ceremonial & Blessing Arts

  Chi / Prana Earth-Sky Energy Running

  Circus Arts (Acrobatic & Partner Gymnastics)

  Collages & Papercrafts

  Color Therapy

  Community Spirit Building

  Cymatics & Vibratory Resonance

  Drawing & Painting Arts

  Energy / Auric Healing

  Eye & Vision Yoga

  Group Games & Playfulness

  Herbology & Plant Medicines

  Hoops & Hooping

  Kids Yoga

  Kindergarden Arts

  Kirtan Chanting

  Kundalini Yoga

  Kundalini & Ecstatic Dancing

  Indian Classical Dancing

  Inversion Yogas

  Juggling (Balls, Pins, Poi, Flowersticks...)

  Labyrinth Making & Walking

  Laughter & Smile Therapy

  Listening Yoga

  Living Foods Diets

  Musical Arts

  Love & Service Practices

  Mandala & Yantra Making

  Medicine / Wheel of Life Ceremonies

  Miming & Clowning

  Mudras & Body Language

  No-Mind Meditation

  Origami Arts

  Organic Gardening & Farming

  Partner & Mandala Yoga

  Peace & Resolution Skills

  Pottery & Clay Arts

  Pranayama & Breathing Yoga

Sacred Geometry Primer

Sacred Geometry / The Platonic Solids

Sacred Geometry / Pentagons & Pentagrams

Sacred Geometry / ZomeTool Modeling

Sacred Geometry / Music

Sacred Geometry / Architecture

Sacred Geometry / Human Body

Sacred Geometry / Science

Silence Therapy & Arts

Slackline Balancing

Sound & Toning Yoga

Sparkling-Eye Life Styles

StarWheel Mandalas / Reading

StarWheel Mandalas / Wisdom Cards

StarWheel Mandalas / Picto-Koans

Thai & Intuitive Massage

Touch / Tactile Yoga

Universal Symbols Primer

Vipassana Meditation

Weaving & Knotting Arts

Wisdom Story Telling

Yoga / Classical

Yoga Swing Practices

Yoga / Vinyasa

Zen Walking & Feet Grounding


Kindly contact Aya for Fundraising & Co-creative Projects