Aya’s Guiding Principles for Life on Earth


Unknown artist. Web, 2014.

·       Everything that happens IS perfect. You may not see it in the moment but one week, one month, ten years later, or at the moment of your transition into your higher adventure, you will see it. So you might as well smile through it, right now.

·       There is a reason for everything in the universe - but the tiny scale of human understanding cannot grasp the holographic infinitude of the universal orchestra. What you don't understand on the small human level does make perfect sense on a larger dimension of the universe. Why? Just because of the exquisite resonance of existence and consciousness maintaining permanent interconnected ONENESS. How? Through a LOVE bond.

·       Be open to ALL that life brings. Be happy with it, even if you don't understand it and would like to ignore it or run away from it (or them). Welcome Life in all its rainbow forms and honor it immensely. Bow to what IS. Re-program all your systems to say YES! And be grateful even for what your mind rejects or those folks your mind condemns.

·       Good & bad, celestial & evil, friendly & enemy, beautiful & ugly, sweet & sour... are just categories implanted in your mind by culture, church, family, school, media... Learn to observe when & how these buttons are being pushed and experiment with new ways of engaging each moment: discover the creative joy of RESPONDING spontaneously to circumstances rather than applying a pre-programmed action or emotion. Your life will then be in tune with the blissful flow of the universe: you will move, at ease, with the river of life and into the ocean of being.

·       Take everything as a GIFT and do your best with it. Little by little, judgments about you, others and life circumstances will drop. You will feel lighter. You will re-discover & enjoy trusting and surrendering. You will become a lot more relaxed because you will start seeing the benevolence of existence. You will feel loved again.

·       See everything as a wonderful educational experience, a splendid opportunity to learn more about you and about life. Whether it is pleasant or painful, easy or challenging, look for the LESSONS TO LEARN rather than get immersed in the reactive emotions. Little by little you will welcome all emotions like your teachers and your best juicy friends.

·       You have the choice: take EVERYTHING is a potential growth or yet another bummer to deal with. Experiment for yourself and decide what is in your best long term interest and happiness. You will find out, for instance, that even if you are right and can prove it in court, it feels a lot better to let go of arguing and choose mutual understanding...

·       Whatever happens, make sure first that your perception is on "positive", then look at it. If you go the other way by allowing your mind to first judge & condemn and then try to turn the situation around to "fix" it, it is a whole lot of unnecessary work.

·       If you are disappointed by the failing of your personal plans, remind yourself that the universe has a BETTER overall PLAN. And let go of the lesser plan of your ego-mind. The universe is in fact protecting you. Existence is a very ancient, wise and loving friend: let it coach you and trust it completely.

·       Existence is FAMILY. Your family within yourself. You cannot "de-birth" yourself and deny that you were born and are alive in a human body. Instead, recognize the appartenance of your small individuality (your name and face) to larger wholes and enter them as your own inheritance. Seek and find how you inter-belong to nature, to others, to humanity, to the cosmos... Contribute to the wellbeing and health of larger pods: intimate friends, social networks, neighborhood, community, regions, ecology... You exist in the womb of the universe: relax into it as the gestation of your consciousness proceeds at its own perfect pace.

·       Manifest the dreams and un-manifest the old habits. Uncover your dusty list of dreams and look at it as today's shopping list. It is that urgent: you have been starving your destiny. Start with one dream, on a very small scale and check how you feel. That feeling of doing your own dream will become the dominant impetus of your life...

·       Try, sometimes, to do the OPPOSITE of what your mind or social conditioning advises. You will be astounded at the treasure chest that you are unearthing. Realize that these new vistas are only a glimpse of your dormant potential.





After a big acro yoga tumble. Ako & Aya, 2015.



It's all a big joke, a leela dance, a merry-go-round mandala...
Laugh at all the dreams and at YOU the dreamer.
Laugh at human life and see it passing thru:
yet, JUMP IN totally in the ecstasy of each moment,
knowing that the entire universe is here dancing with you.
Your lover, the Beloved is ALL of life...

Bliss Bless Blossom



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