The StarWheels were originally received as
multi-dimensional spheres of cosmic presence.

Each starwheel was brought down to a circular template on a 2D canvas
 (cross-section of a 3D sphere)
to be expanded by inner vision into higher-dimensional navigation
(the yoga of perception gazing at its own source).

The StarWheels were the parent generation.
Digital graphics technologies are the midwives birthing new generations,
new lineages issued from 3D renderings.
The first next generation SW family are the StarSpheres,
spherization protocols with variable orientations.
Another new SW family are the StarWaves,
symmetric harmonization protocols using varialble poles.

The seminal StarWheel vision experience (1985) predicted that a whole generation would pass
before the StarWheels start to make sense.
This time has come.
In fact, each StarWheel template is replete with hidden levels of rich visualization,
enhanced by 3D navigation and grids of harmonic coding,

That can be made visible due to the new visual technologies
approaching  anjd activating fractal holographic holographic perception,
the next level of human perception.

The fun has begun: enter the StarWheel templates & use them as cosmic celebration toys.
Happy Play!

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SW #109 "Li-La-Nai". 3D sphere format.
Orientation: x = 178.8, y = 43.4, z = -21.5


SW #98 "Zep Tepi". 3D sphere format.
Orientation: x = -1080, y = -14, z = 698


 SW #97 "Kali Nava". 3D Sphere rendering.
Orientation: x = -360.6, y = -41, z = -20.2




SW #83 "Sheeva Lotus". 3D Sphere rendering.
Orientation: x = -79, y = -63.5, z = 112.8



SW100 "Tera-Cube". 3D Sphere rendering.
Orientation: x = 34.2, y = 54.2 z = 416.6




SW99 "Si-Pa-Pu". 3D Sphere rendering.
Orientation: x = -362.6, y = 49.8, z = 334.6




SW103 "Dawn Corona" - 3D Sphere rendering
Orientation: x = 809.2, y = -5.4, z = -202