The Yoga of Gifting

Dear friends sharing the play of human life in this cosmic moment,
anjali reverence to you:

Here is the Golden Rule i learned from my experience of the Sacred Geometry of life and nature:

Give to others the same Love, Beauty & Harmony
that you and others have received from the Whole.

This is the gist of the education offered at the School of Harmonic Arts.
its motto and deeper wisdom.
It is based on the way the universe functions in scalar golden proportions:

The small is to the large as the large is to the whole.

It is also named Universal Oneness
and Compassionate Love.

This is what you are called to contribute to and co-create:
passing on a gift from you (the small) to others (the large),
in grateful recognition of being divinely alive & conscious
within the Source-of-All (the whole). 

Then you feel fulfilled because you have entered the continuous vortex of creation:
the loop has been returning to the point of origin.

And here is a little story to encourage you on the path of gifting:

A beggar was begging his meager subsistence from door to door.
Suddenly he saw a gleaming chariot pulling up and stopping to him.
When the beggar beheld the lordly driver of the chariot smiling at him,
he immediately envisioned a magnificent gift.
But, instead, this King of Kings suddenly opened his hand and asked:
"What have you got for me?"
Torn with perpexity and indecision, the beggar searched his bag
and finally offered a mere grain of wheat.

Later, at the end of his day,
the beggar found a grain of gold in his bag
and felt deeply sorry he had not given everything he had.

Osho, who tells the story in a chapter called
Laugh Your Way to God
, comments:
"This story is not just a parable: it is the true secret of life -
give and you will get millionfold;
share and in the very sharing you will become richer.
Go on hoarding and you will become poorer and poorer.
Let me repeat it: you possess only that which you have given;
you never possess that which you have hoarded.
You only become a master of what you share.

Share! unconditionally
- because death is going to take everything away from you."

(Osho. A Sudden Clash of Thunder. 1976. Poona, India.)


Happy gifting to this fundraising.
Feel the joy, smiles and deep flowering
of the young people embracing the wisdom of universal harmony.

Namaste in Anjali!

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