Mission Statement & Goals of the SWF

Mission Statement of the SWF

Mission Statement

The StarWheel Foundation is dedicated to promote
the knowledge and wisdom of Mandalas and Sacred Geometry,
and related arts & technologies.

The essential vision of the StarWheel Foundation
is to co-create, on planet Earth,
a global civilization of Harmonic Oneness,
re-inventing a culture of Sacred Arts and Celebration of Life.

The StarWheel Foundation supports research
& development projects expanding sacred arts
and sponsors events & initiatives
furthering personal, local, community
and global unity & harmony among people.

The main project of the SWF
is the establishment of a global eco-campus
supporting young people of all nations
in expanding their creative consciousness
and contributing to a new spirited human civilization on Earth.

Goals of the StarWheel Foundation

  •      To support the completion and promotion of the collection of StarWheel mandalas.
  •      To fund, develop and implement the StarDome Campus of Sacred Arts as an educational eco-village.
  •      To interest venture capital in the co-creation of the StarWheel Museum, an interactive futuristic exploratorium of Vibratory Technologies for Wisdom.
  •      To research, support and safeguard the knowledge, documents, artefacts and practitioners of Sacred Arts from around the world.
  •      To educate the public about the transformational, integrative and harmonizing aspects of mandalas, the mandalic-holographic model and related arts, ceremonies, traditions and knowledge.
  •      To fund short and long-term research & development projects to implement and update the mandala model and to deepen the study of Sacred Geometry in the fields of arts, entertainment, education, communications, science, anthropology, health, spiritual wisdom, and other frontiers of human evolution.
  •      To educate the public, and especially the young generations, about Sacred Geometry as a foundational knowledge and perennial wisdom. To this end, the Sedona School of Sacred Geometry was founded in 2005.
  •      To sponsor charitable, educational, scientific, literary, artistic  and visionary events & performances pioneering and/or furthering the understanding and applications of the Mandala Model and Sacred Geometry as factors of harmony and personal, local or global integration and unity.

The overall goal of the StarWheel Foundation is to co-create,
on planet Earth,
a global civilization of Harmonic Oneness.